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Monica Mangan is a self taught acrylic painter based in Morristown, NJ. She first picked up a paint brush in 2020, creating a colorful peacock which became the foundation for her style development and creative journey. Daily painting and a commitment to self growth resulted in a prolific and eclectic collection of experimental work. Monica attributes her new found enthusiasm for painting to untapped emotion and creative energy that quickly began to manifest on canvas in the calmness of painting.


With a tendency towards abstract realism, Monica's art represents a liveliness and a presence, evoking feelings of freedom through transformation. With bold color contrast and dynamic composition, Monica flirts with classic form and stability, experimentation and spontaneity. Her passions for music, the beauty of the human form and nature as a colorful sanctuary are strongly present in her body of work.


A fitness studio owner and trainer, Monica has channeled her entrepreneurial spirit into her art, with a growing list of collectors and retail shops featuring her work. She has sold more than 200 paintings with a strong base of commission collectors and an impressive momentum in the arts community.   

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